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Organisational Design

Ensuring that the organisational structure, capabilities and culture is consistent with your current and future business requirements is key to enabling the scalability and agility of your business.  Our consultants will help to lead you through key steps in evaluating your existing arrangements and plan for a more effective future model.  Typically this process will include:
  • Assessing the existing structure to determine how well it supports the operational needs of the business and the expectations of stakeholders.  This evaluation process also considers how effectively it supports governance arrangements, how consistently the organisation’s culture and values are applied and the relevance of the skills and capabilities the organisation’s people possess

  • Identifying a flexible, future organisational structure that supports the needs of the business now and is scalable and agile enough to accommodate the future growth and development of your business as it moves towards its stated strategic objectives

  •  Definition of roles, responsibilities, competencies and skills required to make the desired future state a reality

  • Evaluation of the skills and competencies of your people resources to determine development and training needs, up-skilling opportunities and identify potential gaps or areas of weakness in resourcing

  • Our other services including Change Management and People Development are available to facilitate and support the successful delivery and implementation of this future model into your organisation.

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