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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent services while helping to transform businesses by increasing efficacy and strengthening their market position.

Our Vision
Linklater Consulting’s vision is to provide excellent service for our customers to reach their full potential. We are driven through integrity, teamwork, and innovation of Linklater Consulting people.
Meet Our People
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Linklater Consulting is in Ireland and has services in the UK and US and is expanding services through virtual consulting teams. We are currently hiring and growing our team!

Managing Director

Elle Linklater is the Managing Director of The Lore Report and  Linklater Consulting, working with global industry leaders over 10 years, chiefly in the financial and legal sectors. Elle brings a range of diversity and depth to transformational change including learning development.  Elle has worked closely with dynamic industry leaders in achieving global results.


We have a  selection of consultants in different t locations selected for each programme or project selected for each clients needs.

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