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Linklater Consulting sponsers The Lore Report

Linklater Consulting sponsors The Lore Report which is a podcast that focuses on Leadership and Business change. It sponsors podcasts and events as it is a way to promote business values for evolving in business, law, health, finance, sports, entertainment, technology and politics that are evolving.

Linklater is now CPD registered

This January Linklater Consulting became cpd registered. 

The Lore Report Podcasts and Events

Hear from business leaders about the current position and the growth of each market. The Lore Report adds new RSS feeds every Tuesday and holds CPD training and events for change.


Linklater Consulting  is working on new partnerships and will be posting them shortly

Linklater Consulting is now registered to provide CPD courses for the following Markets

Linklater Consulting understands the needs of organisations growing. With change comes learning new material. We keep up to date on opportunities for our clients that help our clients stay informed and earn professional credit. We provide learning through social learning,  e-learning, podcasts, events and webinars.  

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